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Systems made of PP-3 polypropylene are widely used in West Europe since many years; on polish market are used in massive scale since 1989. Thanks to such long tradition, these systems can be considered as widely known and proved. it should be noted that a fame of such systems is grounded mainly on very specific properties of type 3 polypropylene.

- Please download the full PDF file for BOR plus system features (Catalogue). file size (1.35 MB).

Polypropylene features:

First of all, the type 3 polypropylene features with an extremely long lifetime, estimated for fifty years as minmum, accompanied by very good resistance to chemical compounds. Other important advantage is low thermal conductivity as compared with traditional systems; this feature has essential impact on operational economy of warm water and district heating systems. It is also important that pipes and fittings made of polypropylene are very hyginic, therefore the quality of drinkable water is not deteriorated by flow through corroded and scaled pipes inside the building.

Pipes and fittings of BOR Plus family are manufactered in the plant of Uponor concern in Sochaczew since 1997 and sold to both domestic and foreign markets.


PN 25 class fittings The fittings from a BOR plus family have been designed in compliance with requirements of the PN 25 pressure series, whereas standard polypropylene systems are manufactured as compliant compliance with PN 20 pressure series.

The PN 20 and PN 25 sympols stand for two fundamental parameters, i.e. pressure strength and resulting lifetime or durability of the system.

Reduced coefficients of hydraulic, local losses in fittings Research and design works were primarily focused on optimisation of flow through the system. In this case, the term "optimisation" means the minimisation of pressure losses caused by flow of water through pipes and fittings used for assembly of a system.

In case of pipes the solution is really simple, since PP-3 systems belong to the smooth-wall category (coefficient "K" of surface roughness is of the order of 0.007 mm), therefore linear losses are not so high.

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